M.E.I. Basketball - Ed Suderman - 1961 - 1963

March 1971, The Rebounder
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This pre-tournament edition has a special feature on the All Time Tournament All star teams , Most Outstanding Tournament Teams, the most exciting game and best individual performances.

This information is a result of a poll, conducted by the Rebounder, of basketball people who have been involved with the tournament over the past 25 years. Fourteen such individuals returned the questionnaire and the results were tabulated from these.

As in any selection of all star teams, etc. there is never agreement and we are sure these results will stimulate debate. People such as Ken Wright, Rudy Wiley, Dick Wright, Gerry Swan, Bill Norton, etc. whose knowledge goes back over the many years, are not in agreement but we do feel we received a good cross section of votes.

The most difficult task of the selectors was comparing the present-day players and teams with the players and teams of the late 1940's and early 1950's due to the changes in the style of the game. Most took this into consideration in their selections.

It was not an easy task for the selectors to fill in the lengthy questionnaire and it was quite time consuming. We feel the fact that 14 men took the time and effort to do this shows their interest and dedication to high school basketball. Their efforts were much appreciated.

As we prepare for the 1971 B.C. Tournament we wonder if any team or individual will excel to the point of being considered for these all time selections. It certainly appears the Fraser Valley has the strength of B.C. this year. This is indicated by the polls which at times have had 5 Valley schools rated 1 to 5. With only 3 Valley schools qualifying for the B.C. Tournament the Valley Tournament should be some test. The Lower Mainland Zone Tournament should be a vast improvement with all Lower Mainland teams required to qualify for the B.C. T.ournament through the Zone Tournament. In the past the two Vancouver and District finalists have received byes into the Tournament. This Zone Tournament is being held at the new 2000 seat gymnasium at B.C.I.T.

Best of luck to all teams and coaches. You will need it.

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