M.E.I. Basketball - Ed Suderman - 1961 - 1963

March 1961, Vancouver Province
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Saturday's final could not only be an all-Valley affair; it could be virtually an all Abbotsford final. M.E.I. is only two miles west of Abbotsford.

An Abbotsford MEI final also would have an added sidelight, a clash between three members of the talented Falk clan.

The youngest and best of the Falks, 16-year-old Jim, has been great at guard for the upstart shooting wizards of MEI. Brothers Ron, 19, and Bob, 18, toil for the Abbies.

Another clan, the three Sudermans, has been largely responsible for the surprising success of the Mennonites.

Jack Suderman, at 20, is the team's rookie coach ... 18 year -old brother Henry is a steady forward . . . and 16- year-old Ed last night was literally superman Suderman.

Ed, most valuable player in the Valley tournament, is an agile, centre who, at six-one, is the team's tallest player (next regular is only five-ten).

The crowd pleasing ball handling, hawking and dribbling of little Jim Falk wasn't too pleasant for referee Charles Lancaster. "That kid kept me running all night," chuckled Charlie. He was dribbling around like the Globetrotters.

Mennonite Educational Institute, besides placing the most players on the all star teams were awarded the Most Sportsmanlike team trophy. In four games, MEI players fouled just 39 times. At the foul line, MEI players sank 56 shots in 69 attempts for an 82 percent average. pts

When Clearbrook hit the floor, they also looked like a soft touch for Pearson. Their tallest player, Ed Suderman, is only 6-1. All others are under six foot. Rahn, the vaunted scorer, looks in need of a Charles Atlas course. But Clearbrook is not to be judged on face value.

Rahn was held to 10 points by Pearson's great guard, Ken McDonald, but rose mightily from his 5-10 position and grabbed 20 rebounds. Suderman grabbed 13 rebound and hit for 19 points.


But the most cheering show came from guard Jim Falk, who handled the ball like a magician and dribbled with adroitness rarely seen in a high school player.

Magee won the most sought  after mantle in the local prep athletics by outclassing Semiahmoo 70-45 in the final of the 16-tearn tournament.

A breathing room only crowd of more than 4,500 provided accompaniment on deep-throated horns, shrill whistles and leather lungs.

Fans who didn't have a school to root for adopted Clearbrook Mennonite Educational Institure (Enrolment 200), and the Mennonites responded with a 46-43 overtime win over Abbotsford in the consolation final.

Tournament Statistics


Magee (70) - Hoff 17, Watson 15, Putnam 15, Addison 10, Cox 6, Atkinson 4, Eberhard 3, Marshall, Nicklin, Lillie, Muter, Harvey.

Semiahoo (45) -Anderson 19, Meagher 8, Bryce 6, B. Meek 4, D. Meek 2, Kilpatrick, Wallace, Parker 6, Hamilton, White.


MEl (46) - E. Suderman 23, V. Rahn 11, · Haak 9, Falk 2, H. Suderman 1. Rahn, Doerksen, Friesen, Heidebrecht.

Abbotsford (43) - Dyck 10, Advocaat, Carncross, Doka, Robert Falk, Ronald Jralk 1, Flodin 9, Isaac, Kieto, Robertson, Schmur 11, Wemngs 12.

Lester Pearson (43) - Glanville 2. McDonald 18, Miller 4, Kingman, Edwards, Tyler 9, Stoddart, Ryan, Young 10, Thornton, Sparkes, Shaw.

Prince Rupert (37) -Olsen 21, MacLeod, Mitchell, Martin 11, Scuby 5, Kerr, Mah, Adams, Specht, Colussl.

Oak Bay (33) - Richardson, Krasney, Fraser 13, Pomeroy, Pollock, Camp 10, Cranston 4, Entwistle 4, Johnston 2, Robertson.

Victoria (30) - Gallo 4, Harris 9, Gregory 6, Lauvaas 7, Worboys 2, McKeachle 1, Gawley, Halkett, Waldal 1, Goldsmith.


Lord Byng (48) - Gardner 9, Walker 8, Henry 5, Noble 7, Butler, T. Bardsley 11, B. Bardsley 8, Hanson, Sturgess, Edwardson, Shears.

Vanconver College (42) - Duff, Thorsen 11, Poltak 12, Stewart, Dumont 8, Joyner, Roberge, Mullen 2, Kolstee, Wilson, Rivas, Coughlin 9.


8th-Victoria High

7th-Prince Rupert


5th-Oak Bay

4th-Lester Pearson

3rd-Mennonite Educational Institute



Most Sportsmanlike Team

Mennonite Educational Institute at Clearbrook.

Second All-Star Team

Ken McDonald. Lester Pearson; John Haak, M.E.I; John Advocaat, Abbotsford; Victor Rahn, M.E.I.; John Meagher, Semiahmoo.

First All-Star Team

Ed Suderman. M.E.I.; Carl Anderson, Semiahmoo; John Olsen, Prince Rupert; Mel Hoff, Magee; Brent Watson, Magee.

Honorable Mention

Don Eberhard. Magee: Brian Barker, Lord Byng; Barry Entwistle, Oak Bay; Jim Falk, M.E.I;  Bob Putnam, Magee.

Most Valuable Player

Brent Watson, Magee

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