M.E.I. Basketball - Ed Suderman - 1961- 1963

February 1962 ASM News
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Another victory for senior hoop team

Suderman leads MEl to win over UBC Braves

Basketball was the main topic of discussion at the MEI during the last week, especially with 44-33 win over Abbotsford (See pictures and story on page six section two). Saturday night MEl's seniors repeated and bettered their winning performance Friday by defeating UBC Braves 61-47. Ed Suderman led the way with 23 points as MEI become first high school team to beat powerful Braves.

MEI's top scorers for the Valley senior boys league have been Ed Suderman 204 points, Jim Falk 121 points, and George Heidebrecht 120 points. MEI played nine league games and won eight, losing one game to Abbotsford. MEI has scored 548 points against other teams and has had only 316 scored against them, an impressive record.


UBC made things look bad for MEI when they scored five points in the early minutes of the first quarter. Jim Falk made  MEI's first point on a foul shot, and followed with two long shots to tie the score at 5-5. MEI led the quarter 16-11, with help of Ed Suderman's five points.

George Heidebrecht opened the second queater with a jump shot from the corner. JIm Galk increased MEI's score with a beautiful rebound shot. MEI's lead had increased to seven points as they led 25-18 by half-time. UBC took the defence in the third quarter as MEI increased its lead to 14 points. Jim Falk displayed superb ball handling as he dribbled the ball past the UBC guards, and Howard Loewen and George Heidebrecht made good their layups as they scored 4 and 6 points respectively. MEI had no fouls called against them during the third quarter. Third quarter score was 40-26. MEI's rebounding paid off in the fourth quarter as MEI held their lead in spite of UBC's drive that netted them 21 points for the quarter. Ed Suderman, who shot 88 percent on his free throws, made twelve points. Final score was 61-47.

Scoring for MEI were: Ed Suderman, 23; George Heidebrecht, 18; Jim Falk, 14; and Howard Loewen, 6. MEI shot 62 percent on their free throws and 34 on their field shots. Rory wellings and Ron Paulson were high scorers for UBC with fifteen points each.  

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