M.E.I. Basketball - Ed Suderman - 1961 - 1963

1980 B.C.H.S.B.B.A. 2nd page
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A Written and Pictorial History of 35 Great Tournament Years

SUPERSTARS 1946-1979


(Duke of Connaught)

1949- Second All-Star
1950- First All-Star, M.V.P.
1951- First All-Star, M.V.P.
1952- First All-Star

One of the best small guards and outside shooters over the years. A two-way ball-player with good hustle and spirit. Was offered a PAC-8 Scholarship
while in grade ten.

Paul led the Dukes to three consecutive B.C. Tit les and victories over the Alberta Champions Card stan (1950) and Raymond (1951) in two inter-provincial series.



1952 - First All -Star, M.V.P.
1953 - Second All-Star
1954- First All -Star, M.V.P.

Directed Mission to the finals in 1952 and 1954. Was a spectacular performer who could play guard, forward or centre. Great jumping ability. Never-say-die and positive attitude. A team leader.

John spearheaded a Mission victory over Gladstone in the 1954 championship game to give the Fraser Valley its first B.C. crown and possession of the Sparling Trophy.




1971- First All-Star, M.V.P.
1972- First All-Star, M.V.P.

Great in size and ability. Completely dominated the opposition in the 1972 Tournament when he took the Centaurs to the B.C. Title. Averaged 23.5 points a game in 1971 and 28 in 1972.
Set a scoring record of 39 points in the 1972 final against the North Delta Huskies, the defending champions. Of the several very tall players in tournament history, none has excelled in all facets of the game like Lars.



1961 - First All-Star
1962- First All -Star
1963- First All -Star

One of the smoothest players ever to participate in the Tournament. All-round and unselfish performer. Strong
on both defence and offence. Good shooter and aggressive rebounder. Ed led the Eagles to an undefeated season and the
British Columbia High School Basketball Championship in
1963 - a record never equalled before or since.


( Prince George)
1966- First All-Star
1967- First All-Star, M.V.P.

Probably the greatest single threat in all departments of the game. Outstanding shot, ball-handler and play-maker. Carried his team for two years. Took charge of the game even when box-and-one defences were used against him. Great body control and basketball sense.

Ron would have been even better with more experienced teammates and stronger competition.

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